jb-informatique detoxification process

Although many people think that detox is only needed by those that have taken too much drugs or have drank too much alcohol, it is in fact needed by most of us at some time or other. The need for a detox program is due to poisons or what are commonly known as toxins, building up in our bodies which can lead to us becoming less than at our best health wise. Many of these toxins are present in food preservatives and other additives which are added to natural foods to either make them last longer or taste better. Although the body can naturally deal with small amounts of these toxins, they can build up resulting in our bodies holding as much as 20 pounds of these unwanted toxins. 20 pounds of unwanted toxins is obviously a lot but even without that amount of these toxins in our bodies, we can experience weakness or migraines, pains in our joints and muscle exhaustion as well as emotional episodes, nervousness and hypertension.

If we believe we may be suffering from any of these symptoms due to toxic build up, we should see a doctor and they may recommend detox. If that is the recommendation that is made, we can either visit a clinic or other professional or alternatively, we can detox ourselves by use of a detox diet and strict monitoring of what we eat. Whilst on a detox diet, we should avoid eating or drinking gluten, dairy products including eggs, refined sugar, corn, soy, liquor or Caffeine. We should only eat natural foods, those that have not had any additives added and certain vegetables and spices. Lemon juice is especially good as lemon contains some amazing purifying properties as well as giving us a boost of vitamin C. Lemon is therefore perhaps essential in helping the detoxification process. Ginger has great battling properties and can help fight influenza and sickness as well as help avoid blockages in our systems. Turmeric is known to be an asset in battling bacteria and can be good for our skin. Cinnamon can help adjusting the glucose levels in our bodies and is especially tasty if added to cereals or smoothies. Cayenne Pepper is beneficial to the digestive system and helps to avoid blockages in it.

To enjoy the most successful detoxification process, you should avoid cooking with any kinds of oils and only eat vegetables which are known to have good detoxification properties. Some of the better vegetables in this category are carrots, kale, celery and broccoli but there are others and if these are added with the above spices, they can make what is known as a detox soup. Obviously if you eat a detox soup regularly, you are sticking to a good diet but you should not forget to exercise as well, as exercise can also assist in detox. Although as you are on a strict diet, intensive exercise programs are not recommended, some exercise is beneficial due to the toxins being removed via sweat as well as the bathroom.